Sunday, March 21, 2010

So, why am I adding to the superfluity of existing political blogs?

Well, I intend this blog to be my own personal soapbox on political matters to share my particular perspective on world events. It will also save me from having to clutter the comments pages of other blogs with comments long enough to be a stand alone post. Perhaps my views are unique (and maybe even interesting) enough to justify adding another blog for readers as well as for my own use.

Philosophically, it will be guided by what I am currently calling (I'll probably have a different formulation of this sooner rather than later) a cornerstone of my worldview, that the world is knowable, but incoherent. What I mean by this is that there are objective facts about what is going on around us. These facts however cannot be coherently described by any single theory. A loose guideline is that it's probably a fact if it still seems relevant from multiple perspectives and can be reached by multiple theoretical stances. Expect me to come down very hard on any worldview that I see as expanding the range of its theory too much. Theory, and political perspective and ideology, must have a sense of its own limits to be helpful. If its too expansive, it's useless, and perhaps dangerous.

More substantively, there are a few topics that I don't believe are covered quite well enough, at least in easily accessible sources such as blogs. There already exist many blogs that are able to cover breaking news stories or that give the point of view of trained experts. They're doing a great job with the ground breaking stuff. What I'm most interested in covering is the stuff that you keep seeing in the comments on those articles. The common criticisms and apprehensions that the experts don't seem to be taking seriously. I'll be approaching topics as a generalist and this blog will cover a very broad range of topics. Thus, it won't have extremely detailed discussions of narrow topics. I know better than to try to pretend expertise in fields that others have devoted their careers to.

The other motive is that I'd like a forum to try out some of my wackier ideas and see how people respond. I'll cover some things I know well and probably won't be easily swayed on. However, I'm not afraid to stick my neck out on subjects that I only have an impressionistic understanding of. On these topics don't be surprised if I change my mind when someone gives me additional data, I see consistency as a negative not a positive. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for both myself and my readers.

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