Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Going to Comment Further Immigration Doesn't Need Constitutional Reform

People need to know about this.  I'm not going to comment further but things are going too far if Senators are talking about constitutional amendments as part of the immigration debate.  At least the leadership is trying to create distance from these claims.

"But Mr. Graham, speaking on Fox News last week, said it was “a mistake” to allow American-born children of illegal immigrants to become citizens automatically, a practice known as birthright citizenship. He said that along with a plan to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, he would also amend the 14th Amendment as a way of discouraging future unauthorized immigration."

"But giving citizenship to everyone born in the United States has been the practice since the 1860s, and was upheld by the Supreme Court on the few occasions when it was tested there, immigration lawyers said."

"In fact, under immigration law American citizen children must wait until they are 21 years old to apply for legal residency for their parents. Also, most of the illegal immigrants who have children who are American citizens have not recently arrived."  

[Small edit: Apparently blogger didn't like my giant link so it was broken in places.  Should be fixed.]


  1. Good luck on the amendment amendment. It takes, what, 12 states to block?

  2. Yeah, I'm not worried at all about it going through. I just thought the point of the Senate was to slap down foolishness like this when it appeared, not to promote it. That's what state governments for.

  3. I've come to think of the Senate as a think tank for stupid.