Monday, December 6, 2010

A Foretaste of Bipartisanship in an Age of Divided Government

From the NY Times:

"The payroll tax cut would put about $120 billion back in the pockets of workers and the unemployment benefits would cost about $60 billion, officials said. Continuing the lowered tax rates for the highest-earners, by contrast, would cost the government $700 billion in lost revenue over the next 10 years, according to budget analysts. "
"But it generally won praise from Republicans, and suggested that how the White House and the newly empowered Republicans on Capitol Hill might work together." 

God, I hope not.

At this rate we're going to get Social Security reform that guarantees benefits won't go down in return for lowering the payroll tax cap from $106,800 to half that, $53,400.  This is nuts.

If this is the kind of bipartisanship we're going to be getting for the next two years let's cut it out and go full partisan before we go bankrupt.

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