Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of Africa, and Back in the USA

Just arrived back home after 35 hours of travel (counting driving and layovers).  I am a good two weeks behind on the news (other than about an hour of al Jazeera English I caught while on a weekend trip to Botswana so I won't be doing much standard blogging until I've caught up.

However, I had decided on the plane trip over that I'd like to blog the Africa trip, while this isn't a blog of my personal experiences work on a mission in Africa is of sufficient general interest as well as being a subject loosely related to international aid that I felt it would be worth posting.  Unfortunately, once we arrived I discovered that we had no internet access where we were staying, to access the internet we had to use the clinic computer after hours.  All of us ended up sharing this connection which was an old dial up modem, it could take a half hour to an hour to check e-mail.  So I couldn't blog live.  Also the computer died less than a week into the trip.

But I will be working up my notes into a series of blog posts detailing what it's like to be a volunteer at a mission hospital.  I was with a group called International Vision Volunteers at an eye clinic associated with the Zimba Missionary Hospital in Zimba, Zambia.

I will try to get the next post up over the weekend.  Right now I am jet lagged and brain fried from traveling and am having more trouble than usual writing a coherent post.  Once I've readjusted to this time zone I'll work on something more substantial.

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