Friday, March 23, 2012

More on the Budget Committee's Report on Inequality

The release of Ryan's new budget plan has turned my attention again to his work. As I've said before, I find his statements ill-researched, divisive, and generally irresponsible. Ryan is constantly trying to frame things as a divide between two polarized camps, which I don't see as all. Most major policy issues involve several bills proposed in Congress, not two opposing visions. Aside from this, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of alternatives that never reached this level. To some degree this is standard partisan politics, but I'd like to suggest comparing Ryan's Path to Prosperity with the 2007 House Budget Committee's statement. They're not entirely comparable since the 2007 report is simply criticizing the President's budget proposal but they're on generally the same topic. They also show some surprising comparability, such as in criticism of deficits. I don't think the 2007 report is fair, but I think contrasting it with Ryan's shows the difference between typical partisan mudslinging and why I think Ryan goes over the top.

Before getting to his budget proposal, I'm going to finish going through his paper on inequality. This brings out more clearly some major issues that I think evidence for his proposals is severely lacking and where his policies would be ruinous. For a refresher the previous posts on Ryan's report are linked below:
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