Friday, October 26, 2012

Are We Belarus or Venezuala Now?

The linked article isn't quite as exciting as the top page headline of "Bring It" on FoxNews's front page, but I find it sad that a major news organization seems to celebrating Texas's intransigence towards international election monitors.

I find this section particularly disturbing:

Abbott had expressed concern that OSCE met with groups that have filed suit against voter laws in Texas -- including the ACORN-tied Project Vote. A number of left-leaning groups have challenged efforts to enact strict photo ID laws in Texas and other Republican-controlled states, claiming they're an effort to disenfranchise minority voters. Republican lawmakers say they're merely aimed at cracking down on voter fraud. 
This is positively medieval. Obviously only the authorities should be consulted regarding the authority's actions, those that have complaints to voice are obviously misguided souls unworthy of serious consideration and anyone who would give them a hearing obviously has a criminal and untrustworthy disposition as well.  Probably low born and a bastard to boot.

Is my country really sinking to these levels? Disgusting.

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