Friday, March 15, 2013

NHS Scores Well on Access, Out of Hours Care, but Poor on Outcomes; Behind Only the US

Just more evidence of how thoroughly messed up the health care debate is over here. The Incidental Economist has a rather excellent post up discussing a study of health care outcomes in the UK. They score very well on most measures, including the ones we keep hearing they score badly on. Compared to other countries they only score poorly on outcomes, but well ahead of the US. 

Aaron Carrol states:

This kind of stuff drives me a little crazy. I have no idea if anyone in the US will cover this story. If they do, however, I bet it will be along the lines of the title. Sure, the UK does well in terms of access, but their outcomes are terrible. Do you want that to happen here?

I bet he's right. And it's depressing.


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