Thursday, November 21, 2013

Anti-Union Propaganda

Lawyers, Guns, and Money posts a scan of anti-union propaganda given at a Macy's orientation. Now, I think there are pros and cons to to unionization but I have very strong feelings about an employer's role in influencing employees' decision whether or not to unionize due to the employers position of power.* This kind of propaganda should be illegal due to the implicit coercion implicit in the employer-employee relationship. That this is common in low wage jobs is an indictment of the American economic system.

After all, in a free society employees should be best able to look after their own interests, right?

*In case this needs to be explained. With the extremely common at will employment contract that I am sure a business like Macy's uses employee turnover is a normal part of doing business and an employee's decision to leave has little to no impact on the employer. However, for the worker being fired becoming unemployed can be a life changing event that upsets long term plans and potentially destroys an individual's life. If you can't see the coercion implicit in the unequal exchange that is a labor contract you're hopelessly blind to how power and force act in the real world.

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