Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still Waiting for a Cashless Society

The NY Times today had an article on devices to allow you to use your cell phone as a debit and credit card reader. Nice baby step forward. I'm still looking forward to the day we can do away with cash entirely, waste of money to make the stuff. Maybe if we move the whole money system to electronic we can also get the IRS to do so and send us the electronic files so we don't have to waste our time with taxes anymore, they'll have it all so just complete it for us and send it to review. Not to even mention how much easier it might make cracking down on illegal drugs and other black market activities if there is always a paper trail.

Maybe we can make paper money disappear if we sell it as a way to crack down on illegal immigration? It's hard to pay someone under the table if everything is electronic and it's much harder to keep yourself secret if you need to have some sort of credit or debit card, or whatever the government would issue as electronic currency, to be able to get paid. Doubt it will happen before 2050 or so, but I'd love to never have to worry about stopping by an ATM again.

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