Thursday, April 8, 2010

We need a happy news site that doesn't feature wombat stories

I read this in the NY Times. It rather cheered me up. Also, after reading it, I really had a strong desire to try not to read any news for the next week or so in hopes I'd convince myself it's right.

Since I'm a news junky and couldn't do this, I instead searched for happy news. What I found featured Madonna and a waving wombat so I was left thinking we really need a news agglomeration service that would feature only positive news that also took itself seriously.

Maybe if I can ever find enough spare time I'll start a second blog devoted to this.


  1. It's a grand idea. Let me donate a happy story.

    "Germany took a step away from the brink of a bail out with respect to Greece, which currently can borrow all the money it needs at an interest rate below one-twelfth. Elsewhere in Europe, the Icelandic economy continues to shrink at a diminishing rate. Several former public employees laid off in Ireland's austerity program may have avoided alcoholism so far.

    Domestically, the Chicago White Sox have only lost one game as of press time and the unemployment rate remains down nearly 30 basis points from its peak. Meanwhile, Doug Pascover has expanded his blog commenting from the workplace to include a medieval historian's site for current events."

    How's that?

  2. Doug, that's a wonderful contribution. Making me feel happier already. If only all news stories could look at the positive. Maybe the Economist could print an alternately edited version called The Optimist. All the same news, just spun to sound cheery.