Friday, October 8, 2010

Governor Christie Might Be Smarter than I Thought

Apparently Governor Christie has decided to review the tunnel project.  A combination of outrage by public officials and that he has become the days most excoriated man in the blogosphere (or at least by Paul Krugman, who is particularly good at excoriating people) may have something to do with this, not necessarily in even proportions.  I'm giving him a 40% chance of getting the tunnel without a dime having to show up in the official New Jersey budget.

[Hat Tip: Free Exchange for the 40% rule(delay in editing this due to me not remembering where I first saw it)]


  1. That would be smart and may be right. This is not fiction, however. At least it might not be.

  2. No, this wasn't, I was just looking for a good excuse to use the 40% rule. Just had time for a quick post, the other was taking me rather longer than I originally planned.