Friday, October 22, 2010

A Very Good Article on the Politics of the VAT in the US

This article gives an interesting take on the politics of taxes in the US.  I'm a little sceptical that the tax problems the US has can be as firmly attributed to the Republicans as this article does, it seems a lot of our tax problems predate the changes in Republican orthodoxy mentioned in the article.  However, it does seem to be a significant barrier to fixing a lot of our taxation problems.  What it has to say about the reaction of many Republicans to Mitch Daniels talking sense on taxes and suggesting a VAT is also very interesting.  It's worth reading but without knowing more about the history of taxation in the US I'm hesitant to comment too much on it.  We are going to need a little less orthodoxy if we're going to tackle our country's problems on the revenue side, there's just no getting around this.

[Hat Tip: Economix]

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