Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Those Cushy State Jobs

So since there is so much out there on the cushy state benefits that supposedly come with state service, I thought I'd share some small details about the minor trials and tribulations I am going through as a prepare to leave state service.  I just found out today that unlike my previous private sector employment, state service does not pay out leave accrued as deferred comp upon separation from state service, supposedly just in case I decide to come back (if NYS has any jobs they'd like me to do in Ohio, I'd be happy to, but I think the odds of that are low).

The point being, that while there are certainly benefits to being in state service, particularly for those who spend many years there, the state finds a lot of ways to claw back benefits from its employees when it gets the opportunity.  That there is a certain segment of the workforce that does get coddled is certainly true, but this is true everywhere, state or private.

I'll  probably be blogging more this month than expected, since I have a lot of accrued annual leave to spend down before I leave state service sometime in July.  I think I'll post something clarifying my previous post on Brooks' column tonight or tomorrow, that post was a little more rambling than most and I think I could post my critique more succintly.

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