Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And Still They Come

If Australia can't stop people from as far away as Sri Lanka (4247 miles) and Afghanistan (6092 miles) from getting there and being major sources of their illegal boat immigrants, even with their much more punitive enforcement procedures and much higher natural barriers what hope do we have of stopping them from Mexico (less than 1 mile), no matter how high we may want to build a wall.


  1. None. I think you're missing the point. The purpose of immigration enforcement is to play house as a nation.

  2. Especially since New Zealand has a shortage of farm workers and they could have gotten visas to work there for a few hundred dollars and that would have put them on a path to citizenship. It was probably more money than they had or they didn't know about the program.

    Oh, wait the US gives out guest worker visas. Maybe they should be free and we should allow people to sign up at the border or with their employer. The US needs farm workers, too. Personally, I can barely grow a vegetable garden. We also need to know who is in the US and to regulate worker treatment.

    And again, making a law against something does not nor has it ever in the history of mankind cause that behavior to go away. There is a law against robbery. How many robberies were there last year? Does that mean we should just allow it to happen? If a law is doing something good, the goal should be better enforcement.