Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Counter-Terrorism Strategy That Just Might Work

While this post is meant to be funny, I really do believe this is the only type of approach that has a long term chance of success. The war on terrorism is what a culture war really looks like and it should be fought with the same tools that we ultimately use to fight culture wars over small bore nonsense at home. The only real way to combat terrorism is to change the culture that creates it, military efforts do nothing but combat the symptoms (which is necessary but ultimately a war without end and futile). To be clear, this culture isn't Islam, it's any ideology that valorizes itself and explains away its failings through a militant worldview. Military action only confirms and strengthens this world view making it futile as a tool to win it. Comedy, and other cultural creations, are the only way to win this fight in the long run. Though cultural shift does take a long time, this is a culture war that will last decades and centuries. But simply addressing the symptoms will be indefinite.

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  1. It is time for a little comity about this situation. I don't know if it helps to fight Al Queda recruiting exactly, but it helps make them less scary. Their tool is fear. Without fear, they are nothing.