Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mosques, Manhattan, and Six Degrees of Separation

This seemed like one of the better takes I've seen on the mountain out of a molehill muttering about the (murky or maligned) Manhattan Mosque (Economist links chosen because I read all their posts, I'm not willing to take the time to hunt down others or the originating posts on the topic). Guilt by association tactics are tiresome, and the people casting stones should be the first to look in the mirror. What is always curious to me is that why is it that the ones who seem so quick to call attention to others associations always have their own curious associations if looked at from another angle.

Or perhaps it's just that if looked at from the right frame everyone has compromising associations with something. Probably best to judge everything on the actual evidence of what they say and not on who they know but this is hardly a new thought.

Perhaps I should just reflect philosophically on why it is so hard to learn things we already know.

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