Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well, We're Beating the Hell Out of the Chinese on This Economic Goal

Grest NY Times headline, "China's Efforts to Tame Growth Are Succeeding." I think Congress can pat themselves on the back that they're being successful on beating the Chinese hands down on this one. If you think the Chinese are overtaking us economically, remember that to disprove this you only have to frame the goals right. Man, I wish 12% growth was our problem.

Actually, there's a few things I wish Congress would do here. For instance, "We are now starting to see the effect of policies dealing with excessive housing prices," we could actually use some dedicated effort to let housing get to a real valuation instead of continued efforts to prop it up. This would have to be combined with some sort of social supports to mitigate the fallout from these policies but this could probably be managed if falling property prices where an actual goal. Can we get some more Chinese to run for Congress so we can elect them instead? Maybe lower residency requirements so we can get them fresh from sensible policy-making?

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