Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Thoughts on Immigration from Cato@Liberty

I got the link for this from Douthat's blog, but I found I quite like the argument Griswold is making. He links through to some interesting data as well from immigration in the 1950s. What I don't like is the comparisons with prohibition, which appears in plenty of other places as well, which I think is distorting the point somewhat. While a semantic issue, the problem with the term prohibition is it continues the meme that this is a special case largely separate from other market issues. You wouldn't call it prohibition if the US government banned the import of cars. Why use a separate word for a few products? The self-regulating market imposes the same rules on us whatever it is that is being banned. This is of course assuming that a self-regulating market exists for the product being discussed, I think in the cases of alcohol and labor the evidence leans heavily towards this being the case.


  1. No, I'd call it protectionism if the US banned the import of cars, which is exactly what I call resistance to immigration. Learn to shrug, brothers and sisters.

  2. Yep, Doug that sounds exactly right.