Monday, May 3, 2010

If Arizona Can Go Crazy Over Immigration So Can New York

This being New York though, I define crazy as doing something that makes sense, which is certainly against trend here. Not a big shift, but there is now a "special pardon panel" (their words, not mine) that will review cases of legal immigrants facing deportation. A baby step in the right direction.

[Update: More Complete Article]


  1. Tzi~
    It's quite late at the moment. I'll get back to you on this one.

  2. I wonder if this works legally, but I like it. Also, good to see Karen here.

  3. Welcome Karen, looking forward to it.

    Doug, I think it does. From what I gather, they are just gathering information and providing an opinion on these cases to refer to the Governor for pardon. Since I don't believe they'd be binding in any way if the Governor feels differently I don't see the problem. Though that is just my impression from the article and haven't seen anything more on it so I could be way off depending on how these are actually structured. I'll wait for someone else to read some original documents though.

  4. Happy Cinco de Mayo ...

    I haven't heard much from Paterson that I'd agree with, but "embarrassingly and wrongly inflexible" would be one of them.

    This idea needs clarification, though:

    "Jan Ting, a professor at Temple University Law School, and a former assistant immigration commissioner. “I understand the impulse, but it’s an impulse that leads to open borders.”

  5. Karen,

    I'd agree that could use some clarification. I'm not entirely sure how to draw a line between Paterson's move and open borders, seems like pretty distant positions to me.