Friday, May 14, 2010

Way To Go After the People We Most Want In This Country

This NY Times article describes how a student in Georgia is facing deportation because she got pulled over for a traffic stop. Apparently she came over here illegally when she was 11 and since then has excelled academically and is in college.

Couple of things here. First, this is exactly the kind of person we want in this country. What a waste of talent to go after her. Second, this law is going after someone that didn't have a choice in violating it. Half her life has already been spent here, what possible purpose does it serve to deport her now.

And it just gets worse. Apparently, Georgia doesn't like the idea of illegal immigrants not conforming to the stereotype of low wage agricultural worker and is seeking to keep them from going to college. From the article:
One Republican candidate for governor, Eric Johnson, has said that if elected he will mandate that all college applicants demonstrate their citizenship. The chancellor of the state university system says that would be prohibitively expensive, costing $1.5 million, for roughly 300,000 students.

What a waste, I'll never understand these people. It's just a single case, but it is symbolic of a lot of the mindset.


  1. I'm glad I don't pay taxes there anymore. I wonder how the Department of Family and Children's Services is doing for funding.

  2. No comment on this topic, but a hearty congratulations on winning FDIC Friday two weeks in a row!

  3. Thanks Karen. Hopefully my luck will hold out for a third week in a row.