Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why the Scientific Revolution Took So Long to Happen.

This is probably some unfair sniping. But if anyone is wondering why the scientific method is so essential to science, as well as why it took so long to happen, this article on the apparent "discovery" of Noah's Ark by a team of archaeologists, they're 99.9% certain they're right, shows something that probably closely resembles what quasi-scientific research may have looked like before modern methods. Without the scientific method you can still get progress through rigorous analysis, as this group does seem to be performing though from a scientifically flawed starting point, but without the method of scientific inquiry outside, unrelated concepts will prevent knowledge from being able to accumulate in a regular fashion and data cannot be analyzed in a meaningful way. This is just fun to point out as a modern example of what research probably used to look like before we had science. It also points out why we need science and these methods are a dead end.

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