Thursday, May 6, 2010

Survey on Political Typologies

This is an older survey that I had not been previously aware of. It seeks to break down political identification into recognizable groups that are more precise than parties. Mostly, it's an interesting way of looking at things that I thought I'd share. I am wondering though how much this would shift if the same survey were taken this year. Developments such as the Tea Parties seem to have added some wrinkles to this that may not have been there before.

I do think Douthat and Chait (where I originally saw this) are right about there not being this socially liberal and fiscally conservative middle out there waiting for a leader. This survey is a good enough example of why this and more generally I always thought it sounded like wishful thinking. Everyone wishes there was a political party that shared exactly there views. However, this seems to be the function of party factions, not parties. Personally, I think you're doing pretty well if you can get someone elected in your local election that shares your views, if that isn't happening in your district, maybe this should be the focus before trying to create a new party of wishful thinking.

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