Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Would Have Liked to See the Suggestions if This Had Been Done for Health Reform.

Came across a link to the "I capped the well Competition" bit from Jimmy Kimmel. I would like to see the results of something similar for just about any highly technical issue, financial reform sounds like a good place to start. The comment boxes are an absolutely necessary feature to get the full value out of this however. The ways we currently try to get public input sound far less entertaining than this mode of soliciting public participation.

I suggest an I fixed the world campaign be posted in all public restrooms instead of gas stations, especially bars. The tickets to Lady Gaga as a prize are a nice touch but adding some additional selection of pop artists, maybe a Justin Biebur (spelling?) concert or an invitation to the playboy mansion would get the kind of responses that would keep politics interesting.

Don't think we'll get anything useful out of it. Though at least we'd probably here less about crowd sourcing after trying it. Then again, I haven't heard much about crowd sourcing recently anyway.

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  1. Bieber, I think. And I want Merle Haggard tickets and I'm not saving a flea until they're offered.