Friday, May 7, 2010

This is Silly But So IS the No Fly List

One of the more ridiculous arguments currently going on in Congress is the debate over whether or not those on the no fly list should be able to buy guns. Personally, I think the list is far too broad and poorly executed so the more carefully it is used the better. Still, if you think someone is a potential terrorist preventing them from buying arms seems like the first thing you'd want to do, well before preventing them from flying. Our Congress critters really need to start thinking and get their priorities straight.


  1. They're functional planeria but considering there's no real due process involved in putting someone on the list, your first instinct seems correct. Let's not use the no-fly list for anything else.

  2. Doug, I'd agree. The arbitrariness of not allowing people to fly is what bothers me. It reminds me of the oft said saying about always training to fight the last war. They'll probably try something different next time, banning flying is an entirely arbitrary response to the problem.